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Achieve success effortlessly with us, a leading business setup consultant in Dubai. We specialize in making company formation easy for you. Choose Trizone for a straightforward and effective business setup

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We Work Closely with all Government Agencies

Starting a business in Dubai? We can help you set up in a Free Zone, Mainland or Offshore

AED 18,999

Startup Packages Dubai
  • DET Trading License
  • Commercial Activity / Llc (Limited Liability Company)
  • Immigration Card
  • One investor Visa
  • Medical & Emirates ID
  • Change Status
  • Digital bank Account Assistance

AED 12,999

Startup Packages RAK
  • License & Immigration Card
  • Echannel Registration
  • Lease Agreement
  • Medical & Emirates ID
  • Resident Visa & Change Status
  • Digital Bank Account Assistance

AED 22,600

Startup Packages Dubai
  • Business License with 3 Activities
  • 1- Year Lease Agreement
  • Memorandum of Association
  • Immigration Card
  • One Investor Visa with Medical & EID
  • Digital Bank Account Assistance

AED 22,600

Startup Packages Dubai
  • Business License with 3 Activities
  • 1- Year Lease Agreement
  • Memorandum of Association
  • Immigration Card
  • One Investor Visa with Medical & EID
  • Digital Bank Account Assistance

AED 12,000

Professional Licence Dubai
  • DED Trade License
  • With Local Sponsor
  • 1 VISA (Investor)
  • Immigration Card
  • ID, Medical, Status Change
  • 2nd Partner VISA only 4K(Plus)

AED 5,500

Startup Packages Freezone
Company Setup
  • 100% Ownership
  • 0% Income & Corporate Tax
  • 5 Business Activities
  • Free Business Address
  • Free Business Consultation
  • No Hidden Charges

A Simple Guide

To Launch Your Business in Dubai.

Gather all required documents and ensure their accuracy and currency.

Acquire a business setup license in line with the legal standards of the United Arab Emirates

Commence the visa process to secure the essential documentation for lawful residence and employment in the UAE

Establish a bank account in the UAE to establish financial credibility and facilitate business transactions

business setup services in dubai


Bring Your Business To the UAE

Our team of seasoned professionals is dedicated to providing tailored solutions that align with your specific goals. Whether you’re an entrepreneur, small business owner, or multinational corporation, we have the knowledge and experience to guide you through the entire incorporation journey.

business setup services in dubai

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About us

Why choose Trizone Corporate Services for business setup services in Dubai, company formation
consultants in Dubai, and business set up in UAE? We pride ourselves on our commitment to
excellence, transparency, and personalized service. Our dedicated team of experts will provide you
with reliable advice, strategic insights, and comprehensive support at every step. We are passionate about empowering businesses to thrive in the UAE market, and we go above and beyond to exceed
your expectations.
At Trizone Corporate Services, we believe in the transformative power of the UAE. The country’s
strategic location, robust infrastructure, and progressive policies make it an ideal destination for
businesses seeking to expand internationally. By establishing your presence here, you gain access to a
diverse customer base, tax advantages, and a vibrant ecosystem of global opportunities. Our expertise
in business setup services in Dubai, along with being reputable company formation consultants in
Dubai, positions us as your trusted partner for seamless business set up in UAE. Trizone Corporate
Services stands out, offering reliable advice, strategic insights, and comprehensive support to make
your business thrive in this dynamic market.

Streamlined Business Incorporation Solutions in the UAE

Establishing your business presence in the United Arab Emirates is a strategic decision that can propel
your company to new heights of success. At Trizone Corporate Services, our goal is to simplify the
process and ensure a seamless experience, so you can focus on what matters most—building and
growing your business. As reputable company formation consultants in Dubai, we specialize in
providing tailored solutions for your business incorporation needs, offering expertise and support to guide you through every step of the process. Trust Trizone Corporate Services for a smooth and
efficient business setup in the dynamic business landscape of Dubai.



business setup services in dubai

Company Formation

Unparalleled business setup opportunities in Dubai with Trizone. Whether opting for mainland, freezone, or offshore solutions, we provide seamless, cost-effective services customized to your requirements. Rely on our experts to navigate and facilitate your journey for a flawless business setup in the UAE.

business set up in uae

Residency & Citizenship

Explore golden residency options in the UAE and Turkey or secure residency in Portugal. Additionally, obtain a second passport from St. Kitts & Nevis with a simple and affordable process, achieving quick citizenship in just 4-5 months.


External Approval

Simplify regulatory hurdles in Dubai with our expert assistance in business setup. From RTA and DHA approvals to TRA telecom licenses and KHDA educational approvals, we guide you through the process, ensuring compliance and efficiency in your business setup.

business setup

Business Support

Simplify your business setup journey in the UAE with Trizone. From bank account setup to VAT registration and tax advisory, our experts handle it all, ensuring a smooth path for your success in Dubai.

Need answers? Reach out to us anytime.

As premier company setup consultants in Dubai, our experts are ready to assist you with any questions you may have

Mohit Naik
Media Partner
Prabhakar Suryavanshi


Seize New Horizons

Hassle-free Residency & Citizenship in the UAE

The United Arab Emirates offers exceptional opportunities for individuals seeking to establish residency or obtain citizenship in this dynamic country. Choose Trizone Corporate Services as your trusted partner in residency and citizenship services, and let us help you navigate the path towards a brighter future.

UAE Golden Visa

Turkish Citizenship

Portugal Golden Visa

St Kitts & Nevis


Trizone's Role in Accounting and Auditing Services in UAE

Financial Reporting

Ranked among the top audit firms in Dubai, Trizone actively aids businesses in the city with the formulation and presentation of financial statements in adherence to international accounting standards. The focus is on ensuring that financial reports are not only reliable and transparent but also align with the relevant regulatory requirements, supporting businesses in their successful business setup in UAE.

Adherence to Local Regulations

Dubai, like any jurisdiction, maintains specific accounting and auditing regulations that businesses must follow. Trizone's expertise, as reputable company formation consultants in Dubai, guides companies through these regulations, ensuring strict compliance to prevent penalties and legal complications during the business setup process. Trust Trizone to navigate the intricate landscape of Dubai's regulatory framework and ensure that your business adheres to the necessary accounting and auditing standards.

Evaluating Risks and Internal Controls

Trizone supports companies in identifying and mitigating financial risks through a comprehensive analysis of internal controls, playing a crucial role in fortifying business setup processes. The aim is to identify potential weaknesses or fraud risks, providing recommendations to fortify control systems within UAE accounting firms during their business setup. As experts in business setup services in Dubai, Trizone ensures that your company undergoes a thorough financial risk analysis, offering recommendations to enhance internal controls and fortify your business setup for sustained success.

Thorough Examination

In scenarios involving mergers, acquisitions, or partnerships, Trizone conducts due diligence procedures to evaluate the financial health and integrity of the target company, providing valuable insights for informed business setup decisions. The thorough examination equips clients with accurate financial information, enabling well-informed decision-making during their business setup. As specialists in business set up in UAE, Trizone ensures that your decisions are backed by a thorough understanding of the financial landscape, fostering a strategic and successful business setup.

Top Firm

What sets us apart as one of the top firms in Dubai?

When it comes to choosing the right firms in Dubai for business setup services, Trizone is the
preferred option. As one of the prominent business setup firms in Dubai, we deliver the best services
to our clients. Moreover, our team comprises highly skilled professionals committed to offering
optimal solutions. Let us walk you through the factors that make us one of the premier business setup
firms in Dubai.


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Exceptional Client Support
Sustaining continuous communication with our clients, we strive to deliver unparalleled customer service, aiming for complete satisfaction in their business setups. Our standing as a reputable accounting firm in the UAE is grounded in our commitment to addressing client needs, fostering successful business setups.
Keeping You Informed about Industry Trends
Our dedication to keeping clients abreast of the latest industry changes and ensuring compliance with Dubai government regulations makes us a leading auditing firm in the UAE, providing valuable insights for informed business setups. Employing state-of-the-art techniques and tools, we deliver results with actionable insights.
Meeting Deadlines and Ensuring Compliance
Recognizing the significance of consistently meeting deadlines, we establish ourselves as a reliable accounting firm in Dubai, a crucial aspect for successful business setups. Our commitment extends beyond to ensure complete client satisfaction with the services offered.
Comprehensive One-Stop Solutions
Distinguishing us from other auditing companies in Dubai, we provide extensive one-stop solutions for our clients, streamlining the complexities of business setups. Our skilled team tailors solutions to meet client needs and preferences, ensuring competitive rates and prompt service delivery for successful business setups.
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Efficient Government Collaboration

We collaborate extensively with various government agencies, ensuring seamless coordination to accomplish tasks efficiently!



Trizone is a prominent consulting firm specializing in a range of services such as accounting, auditing, tax planning, and business advisory. Their expertise lies in providing different solutions to help organizations achieve their financial goals. As leading company formation consultants in Dubai, Trizone is dedicated to assisting businesses in establishing a strong foundation for success.

Trizone stands out for its years of experience, commitment to excellence, integrity, and client satisfaction. Their dedicated team of consultants, experts in business setup services in Dubai, ensures personalized and comprehensive solutions for each client.

Trizone distinguishes itself by its deep industry knowledge, creative problemsolving skills, and a passion for guiding businesses through complex financial landscapes. The firm is committed to building a strong financial foundation for clients, contributing to their overall success.

Trizone’s comprehensive suite of services, including the expertise of business setup consultants in Dubai, allows them to offer customized solutions tailored to the specific needs and goals of clients in different regions. Weensure reliable support and expertise for businesses, regardless of their location.

We, as one of the leading auditing firms in the UAE, are well-equipped to meet deadlines efficiently, utilizing abundant resources. Your projects will be handled by experienced accountants, guaranteeing quality and precision throughout the process.

Select from three categories in the UAE: Freezone, Mainland, and Offshore, each presenting distinct advantages for your business setup. Our experts are available for detailed consultations to guide you in making the right choice for your business setup in the UAE.

Outsourcing bookkeeping offers specialized management of daily accounts, covering tasks like chart of account review, data entry, accounts payable/receivables processing, bank reconciliations, VAT compliance, and MIS reports generation. This allows you to focus on your core business setup, and our solutions are tailored to your unique requirements.

Assured, your details are stored securely with stringent safety measures. Our systems are designed to be hacker-proof, and when information is shared, it undergoes encryption to ensure utmost security, making it useless if intercepted.

Based on 26 reviews
Sandaru Dissanayake
Sandaru Dissanayake
Hello. Im Sandaru dissanayake from Sri lanka. I really want to tell you, I had many questions to ask from some helping place and wanted to stablish our business in dubai. By this company, we could solve our problems and start our business easily and smartly. I really appreciate about this service. I really recommend this place to real ladies and gentlemen.
Sudhir Bane
Sudhir Bane
Trizone Corporate Services is a true gem when it comes to Visa services and Company formation services in the UAE. They not only met but exceeded our expectations in every way. If you're looking for a partner who can navigate the complexities of arranging any type of visas in UAE or starting a business in the UAE with ease, this is the right place. I wholeheartedly recommend Trizone for all your business formation and visa consultation needs. Most importantly they value and standby their commitments and timeline.
Santhosh Bs
Santhosh Bs
I recently had the pleasure of experiencing a level of service that left me truly impressed and satisfied. From start to finish, the service I received was nothing short of exceptional, and I felt compelled to share my positive experience where my employment visa was processed, and my family visa was processed. First and foremost, the staff exhibited a remarkable level of professionalism and courtesy. From the moment I entered the establishment, I was greeted with warm smiles and a genuine willingness to assist. It was evident that the employees were not just doing their jobs but were genuinely invested in ensuring a memorable experience for their customers. One aspect that truly stood out was the attention to detail. Every request I had was met with a prompt and thorough response. Whether it was answering questions, providing recommendations, or addressing any concerns, the staff went above and beyond to ensure my needs were met. It's rare to encounter a service that anticipates your needs and takes proactive steps to fulfill them, but this establishment managed to do just that. Moreover, the quality of the service itself was outstanding. The level of expertise and skill displayed by the employees was commendable. The way they handled with the immigration, government bodies, Emirates ID centers, everything was executed with precision and excellence. Timeliness is another crucial factor that contributed to my positive experience. The service was not only of the highest quality but was also delivered promptly and efficiently. I never felt like my time was being wasted, and this added to the overall satisfaction of the experience. Furthermore, the ambiance and environment were inviting and conducive to a pleasant experience. Cleanliness, comfort, and a well-thought-out atmosphere were all part of the package, enhancing the overall service provided. In conclusion, the exceptional service I received exceeded my expectations in every way. From the courteous and professional staff to the attention to detail, quality, timeliness, and overall ambiance, this establishment has set a standard that others should aspire to meet. I left with a sense of gratitude and satisfaction, knowing that my experience was truly memorable. I wholeheartedly recommend this service to anyone seeking top-notch service that goes above and beyond. Thank you to the dedicated team of TRIZONE CORPORATE SERVICES for making my experience truly exceptional. I will undoubtedly be returning and sharing my positive experience with friends and family. My personnel thanks to Mr. Mohit Naik and Satheesh who has supported me in this difficult times and helped me to overcome the issues with their best abilities and connections with the government bodies.
Ashish kadam
Ashish kadam
Really happy that I choose Trizone, very professional and highly efficient team, would like to refer further who are looking for these services .
Faiz Khan
Faiz Khan
Excellent service provided, professional and courteous staff.
vivek shinde
vivek shinde
Very nice service and humble approach of staff
harshal zagade
harshal zagade
Very nice service..all staff are prompt..very helpful for my business establishment in dubai..specially thank u mohit sir..
Queen_Maricar Mendoza
Queen_Maricar Mendoza
I would like thank trizone for the fast and smooth transaction. U guys are amazing . Very accommodating. Keep up the good work
we found a very professional and trustworthy gateway to our business start up through Mr Amaan Shaikh who helped get external approvals from KHDA within time to kick start our business...very helpful always the company to approach for any doubts or clarifications .
Mohammed Faiz Khan
Mohammed Faiz Khan
Excellent service satisfied with their guardianship especially Mr Mohit helped a lot from start to end

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